May 2019

The Avsource Group specializes in aircraft transactions and certification.  Around the globe with decades of experience our teams coordinate, organize, manage and certify every aspect of the transaction process.  Give us a call or visit our website for a personalized quotation.  See below some of our current projects.
Avsource USA
In the United States our lead DAR, Mr. Gary Loyd is busy as usual certifying aircraft all over the world.  He’s been busy doing Aging Aircraft Inspections, Exports and Certification of Airworthiness Certificates. Gary’s experience in the aviation industry is unparalleled and his expertise insures your certification processes are smooth and accurate.
Avsource Brasil
Our South American teams are also busy managing several different projects.  We are currently organizing and completing the repossession of 10 (ten) A320 aircraft. Our team is superb at maintaining professionalism during a most uncomfortable transaction.   The Aircraft and records are now being prepared for delivery to the next operator.

We are conducting pre purchase inspections of a B777 and an Embraer 195. Mid Lease inspections of several B777 and Embraer 195’s.

Were offering consulting and support for an aircraft internal configuration standardization system for the biggest airline in Latin America.  

The Avsource Group,
North and South America
737 Aging Aircraft Inspection - Tampa, Florida
Aging Aircraft Inspection - 767 - Jacksonville, CA
Our team working on 10 - A320 records in Sao Carlos, SP Brazil

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