June/July 2018

​The Avsource Group specializes in the transition of aircraft being bought or sold, leased or returned from lease.  Our team brings excellence beyond technical expertise by properly interpreting contractual requirements into assuring the aircraft complies not only with airworthiness standards, but the legal aspects of the contract defined conditions.  This process can have huge implications on the monetary aspects for both the operator or leasing company.  This is what we do best.  Call us for a personalized quote and let us help you with your next aircraft transaction.
Avsource USA
​Our Chief DAR Gary Loyd has been inspecting, exporting and certifying aircraft all over the globe this summer.  He is currently in Singapore working on a Certificate of Airworthiness for a 747.  He just returned from Jordan where he was exporting a 737 and before this he was in Taipei doing an aging inspection on a 767.  He is a real globe trotter.  
Avsource Brasil
​Our South American team is also staying busy.
Currently, we are supporting LATAM Brasil with a redelivery of a B777 including assistance with engineering and production.

We are also performing several annual mid lease Inspections on eleven Airbus aircraft operated by Avianca Brasil for one of our clients.
The Avsource Group,
North and South America

​Some of our South American Team.

​Some of our Brazil team on the ground doing annual inspections.
Certification and Aircraft Inspections.
​A Special 747 modified to carry fuselage sections of the 787 maintained in Taipei.

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Thiago Cicogna - July 3rd, 2018 at 12:38pm

Interesting challenges! Congratulations to all!