January 2018

​Happy New Year.  2017 was a tremendous year for The Avsource Group.  We celebrated 23 years of business, expanded our services platform, increased our customer base and streamlined our operations.  We are thankful for each of our associates, representatives, and staff.  It’s their dedication, ethical standards and faithful hard work that allows us to stand apart; making The Avsource Group a leader within our industry. 

We also want to extend our gratitude to our customers, including; airlines, leasing companies, banks, and manufacturers. Were glad to be of service and are looking forward to a continued working relationship.

See below some of our current and ongoing projects in both our North and South America offices.
​Avsource USA
​Our head DAR, Mr. Gary Loyd has been traveling all over the world inspecting and certifying aircraft. He went to Taipei to perform an aging aircraft inspection on a 767. In Singapore he issued a Standard Certificate of Airworthiness on a 767. He will soon be departing to Tel Aviv, Israel for another Aging Aircraft Inspection on a Boeing 767.
Avsource Brazil
​During 2017 our São Paulo based operations completed more than 30 aircraft transition projects. Which included; redeliveries, sales and aircraft purchases along with more than 40 mid-lease inspections. Our team of 60(+) professionals provided services for aircraft engineering, aircraft certification(s) and implicated our new aircraft maintenance planning program. 
​Happy New Year! 
The Avsource Group,
North and South America

Aging Aircraft Inspection

​Celebrating a successful transaction, São Paulo, Brasil

​Some of our São Paulo based team

​Mid- Lease Inspection

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