Available Services

The Avsource Group specializes in the transition of aircraft being bought or sold, leased or returned from lease.  Perhaps no time is the aircraft & maintenance documentation more critical monetarily to the owner (lessor) or operator (lessee) than during delivery or the redelivery process as the lease return is customarily referred to.

The Avsource team brings excellence beyond purely technical expertise in properly interpreting contractual requirements into assuring the aircraft complies not only with airworthiness standards, but the legal aspects of the contract defined conditions.  This process can have huge implications on the monetary aspects for both the operator or leasing company, where skilled experienced representatives properly executing and effectively communicating enable negotiations assuring a smooth transition between parties involved.  Benefits from decades of experience enable The Avsource Group to successfully resolve complex transitions and transaction processes that integrates multiple parties.

The Avsource Group, and Fly Fast Aviation, Inc., a subsidiary of MMO Aviation Services Inc., have joined forces to provide your ferry/test flight needs.  If we can be of service, please contact Jim Young, President and Chief Test Pilot, through the link below.

Other Services include:
  • FAA DAR Airworthiness Certification
  • Aircraft Evaluation & Appraisals
  • Aircraft Records Review
  • Aircraft Prepurchase Inspections
  • Buy / Sell / Lease Transaction Assistance
  • On-Site Technical Representation
  • Maintenance & Modification Project Management
  • FAA DER Engineering Certification
  • Maintenance Program Bridging
  • Operations Audits & Reviews
  • Specialized "Custom Tailored" Services
  • Aircraft Ferry Services
  • Aging Aircraft Inspections 
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