March 2018

​The Avsource Group specializes in the transition of aircraft.  This is just the beginning though, we offer a full gamut of aviation services. Including:
  • FAA DAR Airworthiness Certification
  • Aircraft Evaluation & Appraisals
  • Aircraft Records Review
  • Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Buy / Sell / Lease Transaction Assistance
  • On-Site Technical Representation
  • Maintenance & Modification Project Management
  • FAA DER Engineering Certification
  • Maintenance Program Bridging
  • Operations Audits & Reviews
  • Specialized "Custom Tailored" Services
  • Aircraft Ferry Services
  • Aging Aircraft Inspections    
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See below information about some of our current and ongoing projects from both our North and South American teams.
Avsource USA
​Gary Loyd, our lead FAA DAR has continued to certify and conduct aging aircraft inspections all over the globe.  Most recently, he was in Taipei, performing an inspection of a 747.  He also performed a pre-buy inspection on a Gulfstream III in Denver and will be exporting a Gulfstream IV SP in Salt Lake City next week.

We have continued to provide project management for a fleet of 17 airbus aircraft through the redelivery process.  This project is expected to run into 2019.
​Avsource Brasil
​Our SP team continues to assist our clients (the biggest airline in Latin America) on several redelivery and sales processes of B777, A320 and A330 equipment. We have highly skilled professionals in engineering, technical control, records organization and maintenance overview dedicated to these projects.   In addition to FAA/DAR certification to verify full compliance of FAR requirements. Our team offers full support of all steps during the redelivery process.

Mid lease inspections and technical representation services are also offered by our South American team. We also conducted several A320s and E195s inspections with complete and detailed reports included.

​Happy March!
The Avsource Group,
North and South America
Aging Aircraft Inspections

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