January 2017
by Gary R. Loyd on January 11th, 2017

​​We trust everyone had a good holiday season and that you are beginning a prosperous new year.  We begin this new year with a relocation and re-organization of our company.  We have moved our primary location from Mesquite, NV to Rifle, CO and we have changed our company name from Avsource LLC to The Avsource Group, Inc.  


​Avsource USA

  • We completed a special flight permit to France and export airworthiness certificate for a Boeing 737-400 freighter conversion to Romania.
  • We completed a special flight permit for a 737-400 from storage in California to Dothan, AL for a cargo conversion.
  • We are preparing to issue a special flight permit and export airworthiness certificate for a Boeing 737-300 to Brazil.
  • We are preparing to issue an Export Airworthiness Certificate for an Airbus 330 to Argentina.

​Avsource Brasil

  • ​We are still assisting LATAM during redelivery process of several aircraft A319/320, A330 and B767. We have completed 14 A330s with 3 more to go.
    • Services are being provided to LATAM at:
      • Brasil HQs in Sao Paulo, TAM-MRO
      • São Carlos, Etihad-MRO
      • Abu Dhabi, UAE
      • Coopesa in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • We completed a B737-400 full analysis for Modern Airlines.
  • In service evaluations were completed within major South American airlines for clients.
  • We are currently assisting Vallair on a transition (sale) of a B737-400F to Sideral Airlines in Tampa, FL and Curitiba, Brasil.
​God Bless America (North and South).
The Avsource Group

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FLVIO GOMES FERREIRA - March 15th, 2017 at 2:07 PM
Mrcio, Congratulations to AVSOURCE.
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